Mama’s Boy

At a booth in a restaurant…

Daddy: Do you want to sit by me tonight Maxx?
Maxx: No. I want to sit by Mommy.
Mommy: Are you sure you don’t want to sit by Daddy? You always sit by me.
Maxx: Yes, I’m sure.
Mommy: Why me?
Maxx: To keep you company.
Mommy: Who’s going to keep Daddy company?
Maxx: Daddy can keep himself company.

Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist {Printable}

One of the best printable checklists for pregnant mommies

At 35 weeks and counting I am definitely ready to meet my little girl in person.

I wish I could say that I knew for sure when I would meet her, but after my son randomly came 3 weeks early, you just never know.

That’s why is soooo important to get a few things done as early as possible. You’ll want to:

  • Pack the diaper bag
  • Pack your hospital bag
  • Install the car seat
  • Have baby’s sleeping quarters set up.

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DIY Crib Makeover in just 4 Steps

DIY Crib Makeover | It's awesome that I can use this paint while pregnant!

I am so excited to show you all just how easy it is to give that old crib a makeover!

The minute we found out we were adding a little girl to our family I knew I wanted to take my son’s espresso-finished crib and paint it white. Not that there’s anything wrong with dark-colored wood – it’s just that white furniture just seems so angelic and perfect for a little girl.

Here are the 4 steps I took for our DIY Crib Makeover:

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Coin Dish for Dad {Father’s Day Crafts for Kids}

Let the kids make this year's Father's Day gifts like this coin dish for Dad! #crafts

We try to celebrate each other every day, but it’s fun to do a little something extra special on holidays such as Father’s Day.

This year, I wanted my 5-year-old boy to have a hand in creating something that he could be proud of so we thought real hard and looked all around and decided on making Dad his own little dish to throw all his change in each day.

As of now, there are coins galore all over the dresser, nightstand and bathroom counter, so we headed out to the craft store to get some supplies and get started!

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Top 5 Reasons To Take a Maternity Hospital Tour {and the questions to ask while you’re there}

Top 5 reasons to take a maternity tour and the questions to ask while you're there! #pregnancy

You may not think that it’s necessary to take a maternity hospital tour before your baby comes, but you could be missing out!

With our first baby, we did take a birthing class, but skipped the hospital tour because we figured that we’d just go in when it was time and they’d tell us what to do. Makes sense, right?!


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